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Licensed Varieties Editors

Exploitation of selected club varieties.

Licensed Varieties Editors

Licensed Varieties Editors B.V. (LVE) is a subsidiary of The Greenery B.V. established in Barendrecht, The Netherlands. LVE is the exploitation entity of the IP rights of selected club varieties.

Club Concept

Introducing new varieties in the market is a specialism of LVE. Developing new varieties cost a lot of effort. So how can you secure the return on investment? By bringing the variety under licensed partners common effort can be made for marketing the variety and protect this under a brand name. The organization and participation of licensees is coordinated via Variety Platforms, which fall under the Global Fruit Platform Foundation. This GFP Foundation is founded by LVE and was developed to facilitate transparent collaboration amongst all international license holders. The organization develops standards that create value benefiting the entire value chain.

LVE is specialized in developing a club concept. Develop a strategy with the variety owner where the new variety will be grown and assist with plant breeder rights and trademarks. Making contract for and with licensees. Improve the collaboration between licensees in variety platforms within the Bylaws. Controlling the royalty payment chain. We also provide the licensees with technical research and management of the variety , Quality management and marketing goals. All under the umbrella of the variety platform.

More information

Enthusiastic about the pears and/or the club concept, or need some more information? Please feel free to contact our Office Manager at


Sweet Sensation

As the name of the brand already implies,  the Sweet Sensation® is a sweet and fresh-tasting pear. Through this taste and its attractive red blushed color, the pear is a good addition to the pear shelf of national and international retailers.

Sweet Sensation® is a premium pear that is highly appreciated by retailers and consumers who are already familiar with this variety. What makes the pear more interesting is that it can be eaten with or without skin. Thus it is the only pear that can be eaten like an apple. In addition, the pear is well suited for use in salads. For more information please visit the Sweet Sensation® website and the GFP website.


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